Bitcoin casino – The hottest cryptocurrency has now hit the tables

A bitcoin poker hand

The rise in popularity of the bitcoin has ensured that the bitcoin casino is now as popular as ever. The idea of the bitcoin casino is to give you all the gambling fun that you get from a normal online casino whilst keeping the anonymity that the bitcoin promises you, and still being able to get juicy online casino bonuses. You can cash in on the bitcoin casino free spins on the bitcoin casino slots, try your luck on the bitcoin live casino, play the free bitcoin casino for as long as you like until you are the bitcoin casino pro, however you want to use it, we will guide you to finding the best bitcoin casino for you.

Is there a certain bitcoin casino UK residents have to play or can we play any ones operating?

As long as the casino is licensed in the UK then you are fine to register. To join a bitcoin casino uk residents have been required, since November 2014, to ensure that what they are signed up to is legal in their country. Read up on the bitcoin casino legal information that each casino will have on their website, it is the only way to be safe. A UK bitcoin casino that is licensed will clearly state it. If you are having trouble finding the information then we would suggest contacting the site through their customer support and if they are still vague about it, then to maybe look elsewhere.

When playing an online casino bitcoin users may have different options to a normal online casino

You have to remember that you will be using a completely different currency to what has been used before. There may be deposit or withdrawal options, payment procedures that you have not encountered before. A lot of these have been brought to the table as an additional benefit to the customer. Online casino bitcoin offers some of the fastest payouts that the online casino world has seen previously. You don’t just have to use a BTC accepted casino, there are a lot of casinos that don’t run as pure bitcoin casinos, they have just added bitcoin as an alternative currency.

What is a bitcoin casino no deposit bonus and how does this differ from other bonuses offered to me?

A bitcoin casino no deposit bonus is exactly what it sounds like, a bonus that the casino gives you without you having to make a deposit. When playing a bitcoin casino online you will notice that you are inundated with welcome offers. Some of these promotions seem too good to be true. Whilst this isn’t exactly the case, you will find on some of the bonuses that the wagering you have to put down to receive these is a lot more than you’d ever think of betting. That’s where any no deposit bonus is always a massive benefit. They aren’t that common but they are out there and worth looking around for.

Whatever your game, bitcoin casino slots, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, poker, you will find it

When the first casino bitcoin option came out, you were very restricted with the games that were available. One casino may focus on one particular game, another on something else, it didn’t really have the whole Vegas feel about it where you could find everything under one roof. This may have been because no one knew what the popularity of bitcoin gambling would be like. So to pay out excessive amount of money on a bitcoin casino online that offered everything via bitcoin straight away was a risk companies were not going to take. As the popularity was proven, the casinos began adding more and more games to their website until now when they do resemble your standard online casino.

How can you make sure that the casino bitcoin users are joining is a safe and secure website?

For every licensed bitcoin casino that came out in the earlier days, there we many more unlicensed casinos. The unlicensed ones would play on the security aspect. Using the selling point that bitcoin users were always to remain anonymous so you could bet away on some sites without even registering or creating a username and these sites were saying that’s how it should be with bitcoins. The problem there was it was very difficult to hold anyone accountable for any problems that arose. They may not have a helpful customer service, there may be some games that you were sure were rigged but just couldn’t prove. Any bitcoin casino worth its salt now will practice under the provably fair gambling. This is a bitcoin casino software that will allow you to prove the fairness of an actual casino themselves, during the gaming process. It is created mathematically and gives the player the peace of mind that he is winning or losing on a fair playing field.

In conclusion, we can’t tell you which casino to use, we can tell you what information to look out for when choosing. Check how good their customer service is. Email them and see how long it takes to get a response. Look into how you want to make your deposits and that they accept this method. Check what different currencies they take just in case you may wish to change from bitcoin to something else but keep the loyalty you have built with them therefore not missing out on any latest features your account may be eligible for. Most importantly, check that there is always someone on hand to help you should you need it, when you need it. If you have all of that in place, you’ve already won.

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